Hi. My name is Alba Pino and I’m a film director, screenwriter and producer. Every time I introduce myself like this to someone I don’t know, the conversation stops for a long second: ‘Wow! Film director. Really?’, ‘You must have money’, ‘Do you know any famous people?’ or the most recurrent ‘Have you done any series or films I’ve seen?’ The answer is yes, I work as a director, but I haven’t signed with Netflix yet, nor do I have any films or series in my filmography, but I have done many things and I have a lot to say.

After doing Audiovisual Communication in Santiago, I came to Madrid, because I was told that cinema was made here. So I moved to a ground floor in Argüelles and signed up in film directing at the Instituto del Cine de Madrid.

After two years of training, I graduated, created my production company Galimatazo with a friend from school and with that came my first professional projects. ‘Reverso’ was born and soon after ‘Libélulas’ was born too, a short film that has given me a lot of joy and that could fly all over the world, from the United States to India. After that, nothing happened.

Few people live from being film directors and studying stage was over, so it was time to work, even if it was not my profession. I started to work as a producer in various companies, such as ALCINE, Alfa Zulu, Smiz and Pixel, Estudio V or Dada Films & Entertainment. Currently, my production part is still active and I continue to collaborate with several companies, raising audiovisual projects.

At the same time, while I was earning my bread producing, new joys were emerging such as ‘Madrid, Madrid, Madrid’ or ‘Micro’, which won the awards for best micro-video and best short film at the FILM MADRID awards. After that I thought about going further and wrote ‘Clara’.

‘Clara’ was my most ambitious project ever and it involved a lot of money. Money that I didn’t have, but it didn’t stop anything. With the support of my usual director of photography, Sheila Rodríguez, we began to send projects to spanish cinema festivals, such as ‘Y Amén’, ‘A mi manera’ or ‘Alicia’, until we won award at the Almería Festival for ‘Noviembre, 1998’, which allowed us, along with a crowdfunding campaign and our own investment, to finance the short film. It was the most exhausting and satisfying experience of my life. ‘Clara’ will always be my favourite film because of what it cost and meant.

And we got to the present day. ‘Clara’ continues to fly around festivals and bring us a lot of joy. In addition, I have given conferences about my career at the Cineteca in Madrid to inspire others like me, I have given talks at universities about cinema, I am about to publish a book entitled ‘At least it’s not raining’, which talks about cinema and me; and I always have several films, new short films and new stories waiting to be realized. With a six-year career, a few awards on the shelf and a few scripts under my arm, I don’t give up.

As they said in The Matrix, ‘There is a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path.’ And believe me, I go barefoot anywhere.


Al menos no llueve (Short Film, 2020)
Starring Alejandra Martínez de Miguel and Alberto Sabina.

Clara (Short Film, 2019) 
Starring Julieta Toribio, Ana González, Verónica Oriente, Candela Arestegui, Miguel Santillana, Jota Haya, Raúl Pulido, Juan Carlos Pertusa. Multiple nominations and awards in Spanish and international festivals, as Mecal Pro 2020, Post Alley Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival Brazil or Certamen Nacional de Creación Audiovisual de Cabra. 

Y amén (Short Film, 2018)
Starring Alicia Fornell.

A mi manera (Short Film, 2018) 
Starring Carolina Yuste.

Libélulas (Short Film, 2018)
Starring Carolina Yuste and Pedro Rubio. Multiple nominations in Spanish and international festivals, as Piélagos en Corto, Garden State Film Festival, Delhi Shorts International Film Festival or Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival.

Noviembre, 1998 (Short Film, 2018)
Starring Carolina Yuste. ALMERIA CINEMA FESTIVAL Award.

Alicia (Short Film, 2017)
Starring Alicia Fornell, Pedro Rubio, Gabriela Inaty, Lidia Galina, Xavi Lapuente and Román Reyes.

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid (Short Film, 2017)
Starring por Marina Bianchi and Pedro Rubio. FILM MADRID Award for Best MicroVideo.

Micro (Short Film, 2017)
Starring Helena Mocejón. FILM MADRID Award for Best Short Film.

Reverso (Short Film, 2015)
Starring Gabriela Inaty, Vicente Ramos, Mikel Rui and Paloma Porcel.

Quiénes somos (Videoclip, 2014)

Al menos no llueve (Production Manager, 2020)

Clara (Production Manager, 2019)

Dadá Films & Entertainment (Production Manager, 2018) 
Coordination, communication and production at the film production company Dadá Films & Entertainment.

Endemol Shine Germany (Production Service Manager, 2018) 
Production Service of the German TV program ‘Kitchen Impossible’ with filming in Madrid.

Y amén (Production Manager, 2018)

A mi manera (Production Manager, 2018)

Estudio V (Production Manager, 2018) 
Coordination, direction and production in the production company and film school Estudio V. 

Cariño (Production Manager, 2018) 
Short film directed by Ángel Gómez. Produced by Estudio V.

Libélulas (Production Manager, 2018)

Noviembre, 1998 (Production Manager, 2017)

Alicia (Production Manager, 2017)

Revista Don (Production Manager, 2017) 
Trailer ‘El día de mañana’ directed by Enrique Torralbo. Series project for Movistar +.

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid (Production Manager, 2017)

Micro (Production Manager, 2017)

Sonia o Selena (Production Manager, 2017) 
Webseries directed by Fernando Castañeda. Produced by Galimatazo.

Smiz and Pixel (Production Assistant, 2016) 
Production, communication and promotion at Smiz and Pixel production company. 

Alfa Zulú (Production Assistant, 2016) 
Production, casting and communication in the Alfa Zulu company.

Fandom Comunicación (Production Assistant, 2016)
Organization and production of the event ‘April 23rd. Celebrate Cervantes’ at Fandom Comunicación.

ALCINE (Production Assistant, 2015) 
Organization of the National Short Film Competition at the ALCINE Festival.

Matar el tiempo (Production Assistant, 2015) 
Directed by Antonio Hernández.

Reverso (Production Manager, 2015)

Al menos no llueve (Short Film, 2020)

Clara (Short Film, 2019)

Y amén (Short Film, 2018)

A mi manera (Short Film, 2018)

Libélulas (Short Film, 2018)

Noviembre, 1998 (Short Film, 2017)

Alicia (Short Film, 2017)

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid (Short Film, 2017)

Micro (Short Film, 2017)

Las ninfas del celuloide (Film, 2017)
Directed by Andrea Gautier and Tabatta Salinas. Produced by Smiz and Pixel.

Haztemonja.com (Microtheater, 2016)
Starring Vera Milán and Paloma Porcel. Directed by Daniel Huarte. ‘Microteatro por Dinero Madrid’.

Reverso (Short Film, 2015)

2013 – 2015: Master in Film Direction at the Instituto del cine Madrid.

2012: Master in Film Production at the Audiovisual Lab in Vedra. (Santiago de Compostela)

2011 – 2013: Training courses of direction, script and production at the SGAE Foundation in Santiago de Compostela.

2009 – 2013: Graduated on Audiovisual Communication at the University of Santiago de Compostela.


Galician – Spanish: Mother Tongue.

English: Level C1. Advanced European Level.