I’ve always known that I am a weird person. Maybe because of my aversion to the ordinary or what people most liked, normal things. Or maybe it’s just my love for the strange, unknown and strangely forgetful to who is not being set. I know, I’m weird. Full of hobbies, lover of cyclical and weird films. (Very, very weird) Occasionally I dance among wolves, or so I think, as I walk through the streets of the city that one day found me and loved me. (Madrid). I have a thousand insecurities, but I’m not stupid. I know what I want and I am patient enough to not despair in a crazy world. I grew up reading Hergé and Robert Zemeckis filled my head full of birds. (Although that role always attributed more to Hitchcock) I have a weakness for you and all you have to tell me and I can transform into a story. I hate the mess, but I am passionate about the chaos that we have caused. And in the middle of nowhere, a written word that has me awake all night comes, and I can not stop imagining stories that draw increasingly more complex.

At 9, it was Zemeckis, at 12 was Spielberg, at 14 was Coppola (father and daughter), at 17 was Allen and soon Hitchcock and Kubrick, at 19 was Welles, at 21 Polanski, Scorsese and Fincher at 23 the Coen, Gondry and Tarantino and at 25, I’m just me. Without anyone, without ceasing to be, with dreams forward tilled for more than a decade, with the advice of the greatest silence and the possibility of painting anything if I want.

And if all of this does not convince you, I can tell you without words because, you and me, my friend, we understand better that way.


2013 – 2015: Master in Film Direction at the Instituto del cine Madrid.
2012: Master in Film Production at the Audiovisual Lab in Vedra. (Santiago de Compostela)
2011 – 2013: Training courses of direction, script and production at the SGAE Foundation in Santiago de Compostela.
2009 – 2013: Graduated on Audiovisual Communication at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Galician – Spanish: Mother Tongue.
English: Level C1. Advanced European Level.



Libélulas (Short film, 2016. Directed by Alba Pino)
Sonia o Selena (Web series, 2017. Directed by Fernando Castañeda)
Support in production, communication and promotion (2016. Assistant producer in Smiz and Pixel)
ACTITUD (Corporate video, 2016. Assistant producer in Alfa Zulú)
¿Y tú que harías si tuvieras más tiempo? (Corporate video, 2016. Assistant producer in Alfa Zulú)
Organization and production of the event 23 de Abril: Celebra Cervantes (2016. Production Assistant in Fandom Comunicacion)
Madrid, 1992 (Short film, 2016. Directed by Alba Pino)
Organization of the National Short Film Competition at the ALCINE Film Festival (2015. Assistant producer in ALCINE)
Matar el tiempo (Film, 2015. Directed by Antonio Hernández. Assistant director and producer)
Reverso (Short film, 2015. Directed by Alba Pino)
Thelma sin Louise (Short film, 2014. Directed by Fernando Castañeda)
Arrepentimiento (Short film, 2015. Directed by Matías García)
Dime que no (Short film, 2014. Directed by Alba Pino)

Después de Carol (Film, 2017)
Libélulas (Short film, 2017)
Interpreted by Carolina Yuste and Pedro Rubio.
IN-COMUNICACIÓN (Web series, 2016)
Interpreted by Lidia Galiana, Isabel Bernal, Paul Hernández, Pedro Rubio and Gabriela Inaty.
Madrid, 1992 (Short film, 2016)
Interpreted by Gabriela Inaty, Lidia Galiana and Vicente Ramos.
Reverso (Short film, 2015)
Interpreted by Gabriela Inaty, Vicente Ramos, Mikel Rui and Paloma Porcel.
Aula Magna (Film, 2015. Directed by Alba Pino, Fernando Castañeda, Martín Barba, Martín Rodríguez and Pablo Sandoval)
Interpreted by María del Mar Basas, Natalia Sainero, Jaime Lorente, Diego Campillo, Jesús Lavi, Rebeca Bou and María Morales.

Matar el tiempo (Film, 2015. Directed by Antonio Hernández. Assistant director and producer)
Dime que no (Short film, 2014)
Interpreted by Gabriela Inaty, Sebastian Rodríguez and Miguel Santillana.
Quiénes somos (Videoclip, 2014)
Uvece (Short film, 2012)
Interpreted by Santi Romay, Bea Meilán, Paula Cereixo and Monti Castiñeiras.

Después de Carol (Film, 2017)
Las ninfas del celuloide (Film, 2017)
Libélulas (Short film, 2017)
IN-COMUNICACIÓN (Web series, 2016)
Haztemonja.com (Microtheatre, 2016)
Madrid, 1992 (Short film, 2016)
Reverso (Short film, 2015)
Aula Magna (Film, 2015)